Which Hand Do You Use?

I’ve been on a Curb Your Enthusiasm kick lately. In a recent episode, Larry damaged his right eardrum, and a doctor instructs him to use his other ear while talking on the phone.

But, as Larry bemoans, he always uses his right hand to hold his phone. When he tries to answer the phone with his left, hilarity (and awkwardness ensues).

I was reminded of this at a business lunch today. There were 3 of us waiting for 2 others to show up, and we had to shift around the water glasses after 2 people drank out of the glass to their left and 1 drank out of the glass on their right.

But all 3 of us are right-handed, so I asked if they were left-handed drinkers. Like Larry David with a phone, I drink with my right hand. It feels weird to hold a glass in my left–tilting the glass just doesn’t work as well with that hand.

At the same time, I’m fine holding the phone with either hand. When I drive with one hand (only sometimes when I’m feeling rebellious), I slightly prefer my left. I always open the microwave with my left as well.

So I find it interesting that even if you have a dominant hand for writing and throwing, it may actually feel really weird to use that hand for certain things.

Which hand do you use to hold cups, drive, talk on the phone, etc? Are there any specific functions that you simply can’t do or that feel awkward with a certain hand?