Dream Room #6: The Fictional Room

It’s time to continue my occasional series about rooms I’d love to have in my house if I can ever afford to design such a place. So far I’ve discussed a ball room, cat tower room, game room(s), and shower room.

Today I’d like to propose the merits of a fictional room. The room itself would be real; rather, theme of the room would be a specific fictional world. When you’re in the room, it would feel like you’re in that world.

A post on Buzzfeed made me think of this. There’s a Star Trek fan who built a room that is a pretty good facsimile of the bridge on the Starship Enterprise. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

I imagine it would be very difficult to build a circular room with all custom furniture that also served a real function–otherwise you probably wouldn’t use the room all that much.

So it got me thinking about if there’s any room in a fictional world that I’d like to have in my dream home. I previously mentioned game rooms themed around Bilbo Baggin’s home in the Shire and Hogwarts from Harry Potter, so I’ll put them aside for this new room.

Apparently there are a bunch of these rooms on Pinterest–check out this thread! Lots of themed theaters. It gave me an idea–instead of thinking about a fictional room in a movie, as was my instinct, what about a television show?

I think a show inspired by a television show makes sense, because many shows feature scenes in the same room in every episode for years. Plus, they’re fully functional, and many of them make you instantly feel at home due to how much time you spent watching them. Friends and Seinfeld come to mind. Oh, what about the tribal council area on Survivor? That would make a great outdoor area.

What do you think? What fictional room would you want in your house?

1 thought on “Dream Room #6: The Fictional Room”

  1. A Survivor tribal council themed backyard would be incredible! Especially if you have some hard games with elements from different immunity challenges. 🙂

    The iconic Friends living room (girls apartment) would be fun to have, but that white sofa seems not super practical with pets. I’d probably go with a rec room styled like the guys’ apartment, complete with foosball table and acrylic dog statue. Plus extra recliner chairs for more friends to hang out and be comfy at movie nights.


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