What Do You Value More: Food or Dreams?

A friend told me today that she ate a special brownie last night, which resulted in her having a very scary nightmare.

No, it wasn’t that kind of special brownie. It was a sugarless, flourless brownie. It was probably harmless, but my friend wasn’t used to eating those ingredients, so it’s reasonable to think they would have an impact on her dreams.

The story made me think of two outlandish, hypothetical questions about possible connections between food and dreams and how we value those aspects of our lives:

  • If your favorite food was guaranteed to give you a nightmare after you eat it, would you still eat it?
  • If your least favorite food was guaranteed to give you an incredibly pleasurable dream after you eat it, would you occasionally eat it?

For the first question, I’ll use chocolate as my favorite food, though there are a lot of dishes/ingredients I love. As much as I value a good night’s sleep, nightmares aren’t strictly bad–I always wake up feeling grateful that they aren’t real. So that paired with my love of chocolate makes me choose chocolate over nightmare-less sleep.

For the second question, there are several foods I could choose, including sauerkraut, olives, and American cheese. These foods are incredibly difficult for me to eat, but if the result was that I get to spend my sleeping hours flying of my own volition in a world filled with board games, kittens, and Amy Adams, I’d have to at least try it a few times.

How would you answer these questions?