Who Presses Thumbs Down on YouTube Videos?

Have you ever pressed the “thumbs down” button on a YouTube video?

Every now and then I happen to glance at the thumbs up/thumbs down ratios on random videos I’m watching, and I’m almost always surprised to see some number of thumbs down, even on videos that aren’t in the least controversial.

Like, I was just watching a rules video for a game. It has 7 thumbs down. Were those people trying to say that the video wasn’t effective at teaching the rules?.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever clicked the thumbs down button on a YouTube video. There are certainly videos I didn’t enjoy and videos I disagreed with, but for videos that would offend me to the point that I’d feel justified in thumbs downing them, I wouldn’t seek them out to watch in the first place.

A big part of it, of course, is that I create content–on YouTube and otherwise–and while I don’t always agree with other people, I respect the time they put into creating their content. For that reason, I almost wish there was a button that meant, “I respectfully disagree, but I appreciate you taking the time for sharing your opinion.” Perhaps that’s how some people use the thumbs-down button.

If you ever click “thumbs down” on a YouTube video, what motivates you to do that (instead of simply not watching the video, doing nothing, or leaving a comment)? I’m genuinely curious–maybe there’s something I’m missing here.