3 Amazing Science Fiction Novels

I’m on a hot streak of fantastic science-fiction novels, and I wanted to share them with you. The first is from Brandon Sanderson, who I think might be the best speculative fiction writer working today. And man does he work…every year he has a new book, sometimes more than one. His most recent novel is … Read more

What’s Your Wisdom Tooth Story?

On Wednesday, a good friend is getting her wisdom teeth removed. She’s in her 30s, so she’s had her wisdom teeth for much longer than most people I know, but it’s time to get them out. She’s pretty nervous about it, so I thought I’d share my brief wisdom tooth story and invite you to … Read more

Did You Watch Any New Movies This Weekend?

In my opinion, it’s been a great season for movies. Heck, it was a great week for movies. All at once, there were 4 movies released to theaters that I really wanted to see. So I did. 3 of them, at least (Ralph Breaks the Internet is the lone exception). Here are my thoughts: Widows (4.5/5): I … Read more

Will You Buy Anything on Black Friday?

Happy Thanksgiving! If you celebrated the holiday, I hope you had a wonderful day. I attended my traditional friends Thanksgiving and had a great meal, then I went to see Creed 2 with a different friend (I really enjoyed it). Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving for me is just like any other day. While I … Read more

Have You Seen This Stunning Trailer?

I watched a trailer for a documentary today that nearly brought me to tears. Honestly, I’ve probably had that happen before. But this was different, because it wasn’t the content that moved me in this trailer–rather, it was the format. Before I continue, try to picture in your mind what life looked like during the first World War, … Read more

What’s the Most Dangerous Activity You Participate in?

I was reading through my high school alumni newsletter today, and I noticed a really interesting company started by a fellow alum (albeit somehow who graduated years after me–I don’t know them). It’s called Buddy, and it’s an insurance company that offers accident coverage. Here’s how they describe themselves: Buddy is an insurance agency built … Read more

What Did You Think of “Widows”?

My expectations for the new movie, Widows, were pretty high…and they were vastly exceeded. I’ll keep the first part of this post completely spoiler free. Basically, if you enjoy heist movies, The Wire, compelling characters, and/or superbly directed and acted films, I highly recommend Widows. The one caveat is that there are moments of violence in this … Read more

Better Call Saul: The Questions

I recently finished watching the latest season of Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad. Personally, I think it’s one of the best–if not the best–drama on TV right now. The characters are interesting, the plot keeps me guessing, it’s funny at the right times, and I love watching a good, fictional con. Plus, … Read more

What Do Animals Say in Your Language?

This random topic came up the other day. I’m not sure why I thought of it, but I remembered from my days in Japan that onomatopoeia varies for different languages. There’s a ton of it in Japanese–like, the word for the sound that rain makes, the wind blowing, etc. My favorites were the animal sounds, … Read more