Which Sandwich Would You Name After Yourself?

I was listening to the “Life Is Short with Justin Long” podcast the other day, and he had an interesting question for the guest: If someone were to name a sandwich after you, what would be composition of the sandwich?

Basically, imagine someone going to a deli or restaurant and asking for the “Jamey Stegmaier” (insert your name there). What do you want them to eat?

In thinking about this, I realized how rarely I eat sandwiches these days. I have the occasional fake-meat or bean burger, an even less occasional po boy or lobster roll, and sometimes I make or buy a grilled cheese sandwhich. But it’s really rare. I like to eat with a knife and fork–a bread as a utensil isn’t my preference.

In the olden days when I ate meat, my sandwich probably would have involved lightly buttered toasted bread, avocado, crisp bacon, fresh turkey, and lettuce. Perhaps someday there will be great replacements for bacon and turkey, but they don’t exist yet, and I no longer crave them.

There is one sandwich I enjoy making on occasion, and it’s distinct enough that I think I’d like my name attached to it (even though I’m definitely not the inventor of it). Every now and then I get a craving for a pizza burger. It’s when you combine a thin-crust frozen pizza with a burger (or Beyond burger in my case). It isn’t healthy and it’s super messy, but it really hits the spot on the right day.

So I think that’s my pick. What’s yours?

6 thoughts on “Which Sandwich Would You Name After Yourself?”

  1. Jamey,
    Funny you should ask, as two of the sandwiches at our café are roughly named after our chef’s children. If I were to have a sandwich named after me, it’s one of the sandwiches already held by the daughter, Kayla, called the Kali Club ~ it’s an egg, cheese, crisp bacon, avocado and the chef’s own pickles served on sliced brioche. Maybe, it’s Uncle Joe’s Sammie, but that would be mine.

  2. Jamey,

    My favorite sandwich has held the #1 spot in my heart & stomach for over 30 years now. I first ordered it at a local bagel shop, and enjoy it in the many different ways I now make it.

    Originally, I ordered a toasted bagel packed with slices of cucumber, red onion, lettuce, and tomato…topped with a horseradish mayo. Today, I vary the veggies but always have cucumber, onion, and some sort of spicy sauce.

    Additional fillings might be smashed & seasoned avocado, radish or mustard microgreens, pickled jalapeños, hummus, or alfalfa sprouts. My primary goal is always fresh, crispy, and spicy. My secondary win condition is to NOT end up with everything all over my shirt. 😀


  3. I would be a lavender sandwich, with vanilla white bread with lemon icing on the crust and a lavender curd filling.


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