Struggling Cat Update: My Biddy Boy

About a month ago, my 16-year-old diabetic cat, Biddy, started acting a little odd. At first it didn’t seem like much: Biddy has always been very food-motivated, and he was suddenly less interested in food. He was still eating, but he would leave some of his canned food in the bowl instead of eating all … Read more

Time Travel on Father’s Day

My dad passed away a year and a half ago, so this weekend will be my second Father’s Day without him. I miss him, and I try to celebrate him by remembering the 40+ years we had together and trying to live by the best of the principles he exemplified. For the last week I’ve … Read more

What’s Your Third Place?

A friend recently mentioned the idea of how the concept of a “third place” is fading away. I wasn’t familiar with the concept, and he explained it as a place other than work and home where you regularly go and sometimes end up interacting with people who are outside of your work/home social circle. The … Read more