Improving Upon the Estimated Arrival Time (Pet Please #165)

This is a little thing that brings me joy.

Pretty much everything I drive to in St. Louis takes 10-20 minutes (everything else is within walking distance). If I use GPS, it’ll tell me the driving time and the estimated time of arrival.

In general, I tend to arrive places either right on time or a few minutes late (which isn’t my preference, but it’s hard to break bad habits and, as Megan would tell you, she tends to run even a few minutes later).

So if I’m trying to arrive somewhere at 9:00 but when I start the car and see an estimated arrival time of 9:03, I feel a little anxious. I try not to drive any faster than normal, as my lateness should never endanger other drivers around me, but sometimes I go slightly over the speed limit.

The magic happens when I hit a few green lights or traffic is smoother than usual and that 9:03 arrival time turns into 9:02. If it does, I start to wonder if 9:01 is a possibility. And then…9:00?

It wasn’t always this way, so thank you to whoever added the estimated arrival time to GPS instead of just the driving time. I love it!

2 thoughts on “Improving Upon the Estimated Arrival Time (Pet Please #165)”

  1. Google used to give me a notification on my phone when it was time to start driving to an appointment. I don’t think I get those anymore, so I don’t know if it still exists, but it was pretty nifty while it was there. It would take traffic into account as well. I think you can still manually add it to your calendar if you have an appointment with a location in it, you can add a “drive to appointment” block in your google calendar that will calculate the time to get to the location and add an appointment to your calendar to remind you to drive there and prevent you from booking two appointments too close together to drive between them.


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