My Top 10 Favorite Games of 2023

10 years ago, I started running Stonemaier Games full time. As was the case before then–but especially after then–I play a lot of published games, both because I love tabletop games and because I have so much to learn from my peers.

As I do every year, today I posted a video showcasing my favorite games that were released or widely available for the first time in 2023.

Various Categories

• New Stonemaier-Related Products Released This Year: Expeditions, Apiary, Tapestry: Fantasies & Futures, Rolling Realms promos, Wingspan Fan Art Pack

• 2023 Releases I Haven’t Had the Chance to Try Yet (that I’m most eager to try): Ticket to Ride Legacy, The White Castle, The Witcher Old World, Merv, Imperial Miners, Stationfall, Waffle Time, Votes for Women

• Favorite Expansion: Gulpax’s Secret (Roll Player Adventures); honorable mentions are Marine Worlds (Ark Nova) and The Missing Expedition (Lost Ruins of Arnak)

• Favorite Campaign Game: Gulpax’s Secret (Roll Player Adventures) and Sagrada Artisans; honorable mentions are Oathsworn, The Missing Expedition (Lost Ruins of Arnak), Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies

• Sequels and New Editions (top 5): Santa’s Workshop; honorable mentions are Ra, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, Castles of Burgundy, and Age of Innovation

• Favorite New-to-Me Games Released Before 2023 (top 6): Marvel Remix, Box One, Honga, St Patrick, Twinkle Starship, Ito

• Favorite New-to-Me Digital Game (any release date): A Short Hike; honorable mentions are Legends of Runeterra, The Last Campfire, Wildfrost

• Favorite Megagames: Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, Den of Wolves

• 2024 Releases I’m the Most Excited About: The Queen’s Dilemma, The 7th Citadel, Mythwind, Star Realms Rise of Empire, Robomon, Tidal Blades 2, Creature Caravan, Luddite, Charcuterie, Undergrove, Kelp, Mons and Mages, Flame & Fang, Kavango, Diatoms, Millenia, Stonespine Architects, Kraken Skulls, Thiefdom, Clank Legacy 2, Let’s Go to Japan, Ecosfera, An Age Contrived

Ambassador Picks: Apiary and Expeditions, Earth, Septima, Ticket to Ride Legacy, Darwin’s Journey, Distilled, Star Wars Deckbuilding, Forest Shuffle, Heat, Hegemony, ISS Vanguard, Kinfire Chronicles, Lorcana, Nucleum, Scholars of the South Tigris, Spots, The Fox Experiment, The White Castle, The Witcher Old World, Thunder Road Vendetta

• Stonemaier Coworkers: Susannah: Earth, Apiary, Forest Shuffle; Joe: Dune Imperium – Uprising; Dave: Hegemony and Fun Facts; Alex: Earth, Thunder Road, Nucleum; Alan: Planet B and Power Plants; Shannon: Ticket to Ride Legacy and Nucleum

• Honorable Mentions That Didn’t Quite Make the Top 10: Disney Lorcana, Heat, Scholars of the South Tigris, Five Three Five, Unrest, Nucleum, Last Light, Rebel Princess, Sky Team, The Vale of Eternity, Dorfromantik

My Top 10 Games of 2023

1. Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game

2. Earth

3. Spots

4. Forest Shuffle

5. Blob Party

6. First Rat

7. Raising Robots

8. First in Flight

9. The Fox Experiment

10. Challengers

What were your favorite gaming-related products and new games of 2023?

Here is last year’s list, and here is my latest overall top 10 list. My video for this topic is below.

5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Games of 2023”

  1. Jamey,

    I have to say, this year was a decent year in the gaming space. There were quite a few tiles among the roughly 500 games (BGG) that came out in 2023. I thoroughly enjoyed, including City of the Great Machine, Darwin’s Journey, Distilled, Earth, Hegemony: Lead Your Class To Victory, Sky Team, Tiny Epic Vikings, and Vampire The Masquerade: Chapters (for which I served as the Editor/Proofreader) AND expansions: Mosaic: Wars & Disasters and Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Discovery-Foundations-Crisis.

    Among the games I’ve not yet played, yet quit interested to do so, there’s Apiary and Earthborne Rangers. Don’t know what 2024 has in store for us, but 2023 was much better than it looked 12 months ago.


  2. I think this was a fantastic year for games, even more than 2022 or 2021. My top 12 games this year are in the right order more or less. There are also a buhc of 2023 releases that I have an haven’t had a chance to play yet like Voidfall.

    Kutna Hora – Game of the year by a margin.
    Hegemony – Fantastic asymmetric political/economy game.
    Sky Team – Best solo game this year.
    Scholars of the South Tigris – Garphil being awesome as usual.
    Colorado – Biggest surprise. Played on BGA, not available in retail in the US.
    Legacy of Yu – Second best solo game of the year
    Castles of Burgundy – the right art for the right game.
    Distilled – Elevated due to the fantastic solo mode.
    Come Sail Away – Late in year discovery and so much fun!
    Amun Re – Second best Knizia after Ra.
    Wild Tiled West – Second best tile layer after Planet Unknown
    Oranienburger Kanal – Finally an Uwe game that I really like!

  3. My favorite 2023 games:
    1. Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game
    2. Sail
    3. Bark Avenue
    4. Disney Lorcana

    2023 Games I will play in the future and expect to enjoy:
    1. Ticket to Ride Legacy
    2. Earth
    3. First in Flight – I have the KS but just haven’t gotten around to it.

    Games I played in 2023 that new & pleasant surprises to me:
    1. Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublar
    2. The Hobbit Deck-Building Game
    3. Match Madness
    4. Wyatt Earp
    5. King’s Kilt

    I haven’t found the best way to use BGG to sort games I’ve played by year, so I’ve been using the BG Stats app.


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