Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is not a holiday I get particularly excited about, but a few years ago I bought a “costume” that I intend to continue to milk as long as The Hunger Games is in the public eye. Below is the costume I’ll be wearing tomorrow. I hope it’s not cold in District 11. Katniss isn’t included, … Read more

I Left My Heart in Kyoto’s Fall Foliage

Today I was driving down my street in St. Louis, and I glanced up to see the number of trees that were changing color. It was a crisp, beautiful fall day. The sight filled me with an intense longing for the year I spent studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan (2001-2002). You see, Japan’s spring cherry … Read more

How to Tempt a Cat

Warning: This post contains cute cat photos. A LOT of cute cat photos. A few days ago, a friend mentioned a viral, tongue-in-cheek blog entry called “How to Trap a Cat.” Someone had created a circle on their carpet using duct tape, and within minutes their cat located the circle and sat in it. I thought that … Read more

The Hall of Fame Bargain Bin

This past Sunday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s NFL record for most passing TDs with a total of 509 (then, later in the game, 510) touchdowns. The ball that scored the record-breaking touchdown was later transported to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This made me wonder: When a record like that … Read more

Love/Hate: Pop Music

Two Stories, Same Theme: *** Last week I watched the “Lorde” episode of Southpark. I went online afterwards to see what the real Lorde (she’s a pop singer) thought of the episode, and she was surprisingly cool about it. I had heard Lorde’s hit song “Royals” a while ago, but it didn’t seem like anything … Read more

The Haircut

When I was growing up, I rarely went to the barber. My mom or dad typically cut my hair, especially when I started opting for buzz cuts in high school. In college, there were several guys on my floor who cut each other’s hair. Nothing fancy, just a razor with an attachment and a pile … Read more

The Future of Early Cancer Detection

There are two somewhat unsexy technologies grounded in science fiction that I’ve been wanting for years: The ability for my car to tell me exactly what’s wrong with it. A scanning device to scan my body and tell me any diseases/ailments I may have. Thanks to Jorge Soto, the second technology might be much closer … Read more