Star Wars…I Cannot Contain It

imagesI feel like I’ve been neglecting mentioning a new girlfriend over the last week, but I can no longer contain it: I love the new Star Wars teaser trailer.

I’m not sure I can quite explain this level of love. After all, I’m far from the only Star Wars fanboy out there–it’s almost weirder to not be a Star Wars fan than it is to be one..

In fact, I was late to the game–I didn’t even know about the movies until I was around eleven or twelve years old, and I fell hard and fast for the original trilogy. I saw all of the original movies on the big screen when they were remastered. Heck, I saw episodes I-III multiple times in the theater despite them being subpar–sometimes hype and excitement can make you overlook poor storytelling.

After that, we thought it was over. Story told, all six episodes done.

Then Disney buys Lucasfilm. JJ Abrams switches to the right “star” franchise (I kid–he’s done great with Star Trek). I’ve since avoided reading anything about the movie because I really want to go into it fresh. I don’t want to know anything about this story.

The night before the teaser trailer was released, I had dreams about it. In the dreams, the trailer turned out only to be scrolling text–no images. And in the dream, I remember thinking, “That’s good enough for me.”

The following day I tried to resist the allure of watching the actual teaser trailer, but I couldn’t. I simply had to see it. I’ve watched it 10+ times since, and every note is perfect. It doesn’t tell us much of anything, and that’s what it should be. It should tease us. It should make us want more.

The one element that stood out the most to me in the trailer is a Stormtrooper without his helmet on at the beginning. We’ve seen protagonists (as I presume that character is) in Stormtrooper outfits in the past, using them as a disguise, but I had a fleeting thought inspired by that image: In the world of Star Wars, good and bad are as distinct as night and day. The Rebels are good and the Empire is bad. In fact, the Empire is bad in the way a poorly written evil entity is: They’re bad because they’re bad, and all members of the empire want to blindly kill the Rebels and never seem to question their superiors. All they do is be bad, all the time.

So wouldn’t it be interesting if part of the new Star Wars movie followed a low-level member of the Empire–a random Stormtrooper–who decided he no longer wanted to be bad? And yes, I know that the Stormtroopers are clones, but perhaps the Empire eventually ran out of clones and had to recruit other men and women to the task. So what if one of them woke up to the harsh reality of the world and decided he wanted out? What would happen next?

I highly doubt that’s what we’ll get in the next few movies, but it would be interesting to see the formula twist and turn a little bit. Whatever happens in December 2015, I’ll be there to watch.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars…I Cannot Contain It”

  1. I don’t understand what possible practical application the new lightsaber with a lightsaber ‘handguard’ that burns your hand off can have. It seems a bit silly to me.

    Now, Darth Maul’s double-lightsaber thing actually seemed like a weapon with functional value, rather than pure aesthetics.

    I’ll probably see the film, though the franchise alone doesn’t make me that stoked.

    Your idea about a storm trooper rebelling against his former bosses is interesting.

    I assume we’ll see more of Luke and the other main characters that weren’t dead at the end of episode 6, but feel like their story has pretty much been told and that they’ll be in the background.

    I think that for me to enjoy the film, I’ll have to see it with someone who’s a lot more enthusiastic about SW than I am. If I knew someone who was a big fan, and we made a big deal out of it, watching the previous films in the few weeks before, I could totally get behind that.

    But I don’t think I even know anyone who owns the films.

    I guess my friends and I are atypical.

    • Behrooz: Sure, the new lightsaber might not be functional, but I think it looks cool. There are lots of things in Star Wars that don’t make sense (like spaceships that make sounds in space, where there is no sound), but it makes for better entertainment to have the sound.

  2. Star Wars isn’t something I can easily get excited for, but the trailer has my interest piqued, and like behroozshahriari mentioned, I think it would be more fun to see with someone who is REALLY into Star Wars. Maybe in the months leading up to the December 2015 release I’ll find some time to watch all 6 existing Star Wars movies again.

    Oh, and I think this little video fits well with today’s post:


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