A Tour of Rustic England…for Introverts

800px-Torre_de_GlastonburyI love this concept. 

There’s a company starting something called a “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour” in the Somerset/Wessex region of England.

In some ways, it’s a typical tour. You visit beautiful, ancient landmarks and soak in the scenery. You eat local food. You learn about the history.

But where it deviates from the norm is that it’s specifically catered towards introverts. It’s essentially a tour built around the idea of traveling alone…with other people who like to travel alone. A lot of this means that people will have lots of time to recharge in between the group portions of the tour, and the social activities are geared around quiet contemplation, not partying and social interactions.

Also, I really like that the tour is focused on a specific area. You’re not rushing around to see half the country in a week. Rather, you settle down in Glastonbury and stay there the entire time. That’s exactly how I like to travel.

This is essentially what my solo trip to Ireland a few years ago could have been. As much as I like my quiet time to be creative, it would have been nice to have similar people around from time to time.

What do you think, fellow introverts? How do you like to travel?

3 Responses to “A Tour of Rustic England…for Introverts”

  1. Nelsy says:

    Ok, this might discount my response, but I’m definitely more extroverted. I do however prefer to travel alone and this trip sounds like a great time. I’m not super big on tour groups because I like to do things on my own time but I definitely like the company during activities. I remember I might a girl at a campsite in Florence and we just randomly decided to go on an adventure together the next day to Sienna and it ended up being an incredible day and I’m so glad I had a buddy!
    I was traveling alone for 8 months and I think both introverts and extroverts would be lonely by the end of that. But a week or two is perfect recharging time!

  2. Jasmin says:

    That’s a pretty good idea. I spent a weekend in Seattle mostly by myself and stayed with a friend’s brother’s place. I explored the town mostly by myself which I was okay with. But I did wanted a person to walk around the park or go on the Duck Ride with me. Maybe I should Kickstart something like this for the States. Haha!

    By the way, that picture looks like one of those Cahokia Mounds. I know it’s not though.

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