My 3 Favorite YouTube Videos This Month

As a kid, I was rarely allowed to eat fast food. At best we’d get Burger King a few times a year. When we did, it was a special treat, and we always ate at the Burger King as if it was a sit-down restaurant.

My favorite thing about Burger King wasn’t the food–it was the plastic ball pit. I loved “swimming” around the pit. Sometimes I’d coordinate all the kids to move the balls to one side so we could look for loose change at the bottom of the pit.

I always dreamed of one day having a room in my house specifically dedicated to being a ball pit. It’s my equivalent of Scrooge McDuck’s gold coin vault. Maybe I’d even sprinkle some loose change on the floor to find from time to time.

Well, apparently this is possible, because this guy did it:

One of the most tragic stories in the Harry Potter books isn’t of a child, but rather of Severus Snape. (spoiler alert) I think I probably cried the first time I saw how he was bullied by Harry’s father as a kid, but how his affection for Lily drove him to go to the ends of the earth to protect Harry. Snape put everything aside–can you imagine the world hating you even though you’re doing the right thing for the one you love (and, ultimately, for the world)?

The following video tells Snape’s story chronoligically by stitching together scenes from the movies. It’s 14 minutes, but it’s absolutely worth watching. You will probably cry if you’re human.

Remember the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic? I always assumed it was about getting bounced from a bar, but the true story of the song is incredibly moving. I love, love this video.

4 Responses to “My 3 Favorite YouTube Videos This Month”

  1. RodeoClown says:

    That last one is gold.
    I’ll never hear it the same again.

  2. Scott Wadyko says:

    The Snape video is pretty powerful.

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Scott: I agree. It made me really sympathize with him, especially the scenes between him and Harry’s father and how they connect to the responsibility Dumbledore gave him.

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