Can You Sum Up Your First Time with a GIF?

Today’s post involves a little more adult humor than usual. It’s still safe for work, though.

On Friday I laughed harder and longer than I have in a long time.

Apparently, someone started a thread on reddit in which they asked for people to convey their first sexual experience with a safe-for-work animated GIF. The results are amazing. I’ll post a few of my favorites below, but I highly recommend checking out this full list of highlights if you’re in a place where laughter is okay.

My mom reads this blog, so I’m not going to get explicit here, but one of the GIFs reminded me of my first kiss. I had no idea what I was doing. My face had never been that close to someone else’s face for a prolonged period of time, so I kept my eyes open (it didn’t occur to me that closing them was an option). And obviously I used way too much tongue–so much that my face (and probably hers) was wet afterwards.

Hence this GIF, which, granted, has some other meanings as well, but to me it’s about my first kiss. (It doesn’t appear to be animating for some reason, so take a look at the full list here–it’s #17).


Here are a few other favorites of mine from the list. Which one from the full list made you laugh the hardest?



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