Twins Day 2016

As is tradition on this blog, every year on this day I celebrate a special miracle. Since this is the 10th anniversary of this occasion, I will be celebrating by attempting to wear what I think my co-founder will be wearing for our weekly meeting this evening. On March 1, 2006, something incredible happened. My … Read more

A Spicy Perspective

Have you ever cooked something that ended up looking comically different than the recipe? This happened to me recently. Four times. It all started with homemade pretzel mix. I didn’t even know you could make pretzels at home–I thought they required thousands of dollars of equipment and at least two Oompa Loompas. But apparently you … Read more

Biddy Is 9 Years Old

My boy, Biddy, is 9 years old today. If you read this blog, you know how much I adore Biddy. He’s my first real pet, and I lucked out: He’s full of personality, he’s exceptionally clever, and he’s so curious about everything, even in his old age. Here’s Biddy as a kitten: He was tiny! … Read more

Don’t Tell Me the Odds

There’s been a pretty incredible story happening in the English Premier League (soccer) this season. For context, I should note that in the EPL, there’s no tournament at the end of the season–whichever team is at the top of the standings when the season ends will win the league. Leicester City was one of the … Read more