How Much Are Your Friendships Worth?

Tonight I was at a bar watching the NFL draft with a few friends (not something we normally do, but I’m glad we did). The subject came up of college football players leaving school for the NFL draft instead of getting their college degree. We put forth the following hypothetical: What if each of us … Read more

My Favorite Thing About “The Big Short”

In addition to Creed, I recently watched The Big Short, a movie about the inception of America’s housing market collapse and resulting recession a few years ago. It’s a fascinating movie that feels kind of like a documentary, but with famous actors doing all the reenactments. I actually bought my condo at the time when … Read more

Creed and Ryan Coogler

Over the last few days I’ve had the pleasure of watching the movie Creed (I have it on DVD from Netflix). It’s fantastic. I had high expectations after reading so many great reviews of it, and none of those reviews sufficiently described just how good this movie is. It’s stunning. Creed is the story of … Read more

How Did You Celebrate 4/20?

April 20th isn’t a date that ever occurs to me as something special, as I don’t smoke marijuana. But sometimes when other people are celebrating a special occasion, I like to join in the excitement. That’s what happened today. (And no, I didn’t do anything illegal that I’m aware of.) I was out at lunch at … Read more