This Spring, Find Your Totino

I have a confession: I genuinely enjoy Totinos party pizzas. Specifically, the basic cheese version.

My food-brain understands what good pizza tastes like, and I know it is not a Totinos party pizza. Yet, I really, really like it anyway.

For many years I ate about 1 party pizza per month. But in my old age I’ve had to start looking out for things like “cholesterol” and “night sweats.” Totinos party pizzas have all of the saturated fats, so I’ve had to cut down on them.

However, in lieu of actually eating party pizzas, this recent mock commercial on Saturday Night Light was an excellent substitute. It instantly become one of my favorite SNL sketches, and it gets better every time I watch it. I particularly love how the Totinos product (not party pizzas, but close) are featured throughout it.

What’s your favorite SNL “commercial”? Does this one make you want to eat Totinos? I actually think it’s an excellent promotion!