Is This the Future of Taxis?

For some reason I’ve never been excited by drones. I have nothing against them, but they seem like the kind of thing you give someone as a present and they maybe use it once. That said, I do think drone racing is pretty awesome, and Amazon drone deliveries are fascinating.

But it wasn’t until recently that I heard about a drone idea that really got my juices flowing: A drone that can carry a human.

As I typed that, I realized, “Isn’t that just a helicopter?” And I guess it kind of is.

But in another way, it isn’t! Because it’s completely autonomous, and it requires a lot less horizontal space. You just climb in, enter your destination, and sit back to enjoy the (probably extremely loud) ride.

I just love the idea of using all the vertical air space that currently goes wasted due to our reliance on old-fashioned roads. It’s like if all of the shelves in your house were no more than 12 inches tall. There’s so much more we could be using! And by using it via small drones like this, short-distance travel becomes much more efficient.

I would definitely try out one of these if given the chance. Would you?