Have You Watched “Detroiters”?

I’m going out on a limb, but I think Detroiters might be the best comedy on TV right now.

It’s a brand-new show, something like 3-4 episodes into its first season. But every episode so far has provided a number of truly laugh-out-loud moments, something I find to be pretty rare.

And yes, there are some other great comedies on TV right now. Girls (a scene on the beach a few weeks ago really made me laugh), New Girl, Brooklyn 99, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (the waterpark episode is amazing), Modern Family, Workaholics…I really enjoy all of those shows.

But there’s something special about Detroiters. The premise of the show is about two guys who run a company in Detroit that makes local commercials. Some of the comedy comes from the commercials, but a lot of it comes from the characters themselves. They’re genuinely likable, and they’re so positive and encouraging to each other. It’s the type of friendship I can relate to.

My sense of humor may be quite different than yours, but I highly recommend that you try out Detroiters, just in case. Otherwise, what are some of your favorite comedies on TV right now?

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  1. philip redhead says:

    Late night when I want to chill with some wind-down humor, I watch some Mozart in the Jungle. The other one I like is Younger.

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