Have You Seen Logan?

I just returned from a screening of the new Wolverine movie, Logan, and I’m in awe of what I just saw. It’s the Wolverine movie I never knew I wanted until now. Heck, it’s the superhero movie I never knew I wanted until now.

I’m going to speak in pretty vague terms about the movie, as I don’t want to even come close to giving anything away.

To a certain extent, I think I need to thank Deadpool for this movie. I’m pretty sure Logan was in production well before Deadpool was a huge hit last year, but the success of an R-rated, balls-to-the-wall superhero movie like Deadpool must have made the studio more confident in Logan.

In Logan, the “R” stands for “rage,” “relationships,” and “reconciliation.” It’s such a tender movie, but there’s a savage animal at the heart of it. It’s kind of like The Professional meets Rain Man. With adamantium claws.

I’ll be replaying scenes and moments from this film in my head for a long time. I hope you get to see it. If you want to discuss details in the comments, please mark them with “spoiler.”