Pet Peeve #65: “On This Date…”

A few days ago, I was scrolling down when I saw this:

Woah! I got really excited. I couldn’t believe that I missed Gretzky coming out of retirement, and it was amazing to hear that even in his old age, he broken the record.

Of course, this was my millisecond-level reaction–if I had even read the caption a little bit, I would have known that it was an “on this date” entry. The header made it even clearer:

This is what gets me about these types of posts on ESPN and Facebook. My brain zeroes in on the image, and because the image is in the timeline, I compute that the event happened today. Why wouldn’t it? So I get all excited for nothing.

Here’s my recommendation to fix this issue: Display all “on this date” images in black and white. Then I’ll have a visual cue that it’s something from the past, not the present.

Have you ever experienced this confusion?