How Much Would You Pay for the Best Nap Ever?

Yesterday I went to a movie theater to watch an old Miyazaki film, Spirited Away. I had seen it in Japan years ago and only understood about 30% of it, and now I know why: It’s a pretty weird movie.

The theater had the nicest movie theater seats I’ve ever sat in. They were full-extension automated recliners, and they were incredibly comfortable.

As you may have guessed, I fell asleep for about 10-15 minutes. I woke up feeling quite refreshed.

In a way, I paid $8 for a good nap. So I got to thinking: How much would I pay for the best nap ever?

Like, what if there was a service–in the same realm as a spa or massage therapist–that specializes in providing absolutely amazing naps? I don’t know what that would entail, but probably comfortable bedding, maybe white noise, a particular balance to the air, pitch darkness monitoring equipment to help pull you out of the nap at exactly the right time…this isn’t my area of expertise, so I don’t know. But I bet it’s possible.

In general, if you asked me this question, I would probably say $0, because if I ever want a nap, I’ll just walk over to my bed and take one. But I’m sure there are times when I’d love the guarantee of a spectacular nap. And I bet after I had one, I’d be much more willing to pay for another. It’s hard to even name my price, as I haven’t had such a nap yet, but I’d say maybe in the $20-$30 range?

What about you?