One More Relationship Question

Okay, this one is a little more personal, but the poll is anonymous, and let me explain a little first.

Earlier this year, I watched a delightful movie called Leap Year. It stars my beloved Amy Adams and probably some other people.

There’s a scene in the movie where some couples (and a few people who aren’t a couple) are sitting around the dinner table talking about the secrets to a successful marriage. One of the people says that they believe it’s important to kiss your spouse every day–to really kiss them, deeply and meaningfully.

Do you and your significant other share at least one deep, meaningful kiss each day?

Now, that might just be movie advice. My parents have been together for 40+ years, and I hardly ever saw them kiss like that.

But it made me wonder if there was any merit to that wisdom. A deep kiss–not just a peck on the lips, but a full kiss–is so sensual and intimate. It’s something you reserve for the one you love. Can the intentional act of kissing like that at least once a day help to strengthen your relationship?

While I’m sure there are relationships where this happens naturally, the intention might be important in others. Thinking back to my relationships, I think they could have used a little more intention. I know for sure that there were some women I really enjoyed kissing, and others not so much, so part of it was natural chemistry. But a part of me wonders if I should have been a little more aware of the power of a good, daily kiss.

What do you think? Is Leap Year right? And if you care to share, I’d love to hear your perspective from your relationships.

6 thoughts on “One More Relationship Question”

  1. You’ve mentioned the 5 Love Languages before in one of your videos, and my wife’s is physical touch/affection. So she quite literally needs physical affection from me (which is one of my lowest of those five) each and every day to feel loved.

    But of course, life gets in the way, children absorb so much of our time and attention. She has very bluntly asked/demanded this as a way of bringing us closer and ensuring she is feeling loved. And I totally appreciate it, because I’m a bit of an idiot and need people to tell me exactly what to do (I love good game rulebooks because of this), and really, it’s one of the easiest of the love languages to do.

    Some of the saddest, loneliest times around our household are when one or both of us is very sick and/or contagious and this becomes an issue for reasons made obvious above. 🙂

    Too much information? Probably, but this really hit home for me because we’ve been away from home for almost 4 weeks now and I’ve spent most of the past two weeks sick as well.

  2. I make sure I kiss my wife every night when I get home from work and before I go to bed and wake up . We’ve also been in the habit of praying for one another in the morning. Those daily actions help to keep the relationship healthy.

  3. It depends what you mean by deep and meaningful. We kiss daily, which is meaningful, but I’m not sure I would call them deep. When I think of a deep kiss, I’m thinking more sensual than meaningful.

    We touch a lot. I’m about to turn 50, married 30 years, and we hold hands every where we walk. We are lucky enough to be working in the same place at the moment, and we’ll touch hands when ever we walk past each other. At the end of the day, we sit next to each other on the couch, with her legs in my lap, or my hand on her knee. Skin on skin is very important.

    I also open the car door for her whenever we go out, and make sure to tell her how beautiful she is every day. I think there’s a lot more meaningful things than kissing.

  4. I like what most people are saying. My husband and I have been married for 31 years. We had many more “meaningful” kisses earlier in our marriage. The way I’m thinking of “meaningful” and “deep” would be more intimate and sexual. I make sure I kiss and hug my husband before he leave the house for work, when he returns home from work and before he goes to bed. It’s not a sexual kiss, but a reminder of my love. I also tell him that I love him at least twice each day. What works for some people, doesn’t always work for other people. Intentionality is what works. Not taking your significant other/spouse for granted, letting them know they are important to you, etc.

  5. I love Leap Year! It’s one of my favourite romcoms. I love kissing, and it’s a nice idea to have a meaningful kiss every day. But in my past experience it’s always expected it will be a prelude to going… further haha. It would be nice to have a good kiss without that necessarily being the case.


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