Pet Peeve #71: Realizing You Do Your Own Pet Peeve

I recently had my weekly phone call with my parents, and we talked a little about my girlfriend. I could feel myself cringing a bit through the conversation, eager to change the topic. It wasn’t anything about Megan; rather, this is how I’ve always been with my parents and romantic relationships. Afterwards, I thought about … Read more

One More Relationship Question

Okay, this one is a little more personal, but the poll is anonymous, and let me explain a little first. Earlier this year, I watched a delightful movie called Leap Year. It stars my beloved Amy Adams and probably some other people. There’s a scene in the movie where some couples (and a few people … Read more

How Do You Help a Friend If You Stumble Across Them While They’re on a Date?

It was a scene out of a sitcom: On Sunday, 6 friends and I made our way to a local restaurant for dinner. While we were en route, one person mentioned that his roommate–another friend of ours–was on a date at that exact restaurant. We didn’t want to disturb our friend (I’ll call him “Justin”), … Read more

Is an AI Relationship Real?

This week I have several questions about the future, each inspired by Blade Runner 2049, which I saw on Saturday (very minor spoilers to follow). It’s an odd case where I liked the ideas presented by the movie more than the movie itself–it’s fine, but just not something I fell in love with. I did, … Read more