A First Date Where All You Do Is Smell Each Other

2016-12-08_2106I’ve never tried speed dating. The idea of it is interesting, but I want a fast way of seeing if someone intrigues me, I’ll use an online dating site instead.

But I watched a video the other day about something called “sensory speed dating,” and it’s a really interesting concept.

It combines standard speed dating–spend a few minutes with someone before indicating that you want to get them know them better, then move on to the next person–with a number of sensory exercises. They all involved blindfolds:

  • Feed a strawberry to the other person.
  • Touch the other person’s face.
  • Dance with the other person.
  • Smell the other person’s hands, neck, and hair.
  • Tell a vulnerable story to the other person.
  • (without blindfolds) Do nothing but look the other person in the eyes.

Obviously, as an official member of The Smelling Circle, it’s the option of smelling the woman’s hands, neck, and hair that fascinate me the most. There’s just something about odors that really connect with me. Good, bad, or different, they’re all interesting.

It’s neat to me that even if two women are wearing the same perfume or shampoo, they might smell distinctly different.

Is smell enough information to decide if I want to go on a real first date with someone? Definitely not. But, like many first impressions, it’s could certainly influence my desire to know more about her.

Would you do something like this? Which sensory element would be the most intriguing to you?

2 thoughts on “A First Date Where All You Do Is Smell Each Other”

  1. Jamey,

    I have to that with this missive, you officially became an eclectic blogger! All kidding aside, this is not an activity I would find remotely appealing. But, there are, apparently many who do.



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