A Survivor Loved-Ones Episode Idea

Fair warning: This will probably be boring if you don’t watch Survivor. And if you do watch Survivor, there might be very minor spoilers regarding last week’s episode.

One of the milestones in each season of Survivor is the “loved-ones episode.” Usually it happens when there are between 6 and 8 contestants remaining. There’s a reward challenge where someone beloved by each of the contestants–parent, friend, or significant other–shows up on the island, and the person who wins the challenge gets to spend some time with them.

There’s a moment in last week’s episode when, in the middle of the challenge, one of the contestants takes a 5-second break from the challenge to chat with his loved one. Watching this made me realize: What is to stop ALL of the contestants from simultaneously taking a break from the challenge to hang out with their loved one?

It seems like if all the contestants agreed to it, they could literally take over the challenge for as long as they wanted, and the show can’t do anything about it (as far as I know). When they’re done spending quality time with their loved ones, they can finish the challenge (it’s still worth competing for the food).

What do you think? Is it possible? If so, why hasn’t it ever happened?