Festivus 2020

Today is the classic Seinfeld-inspired holiday of Festivus. It’s a weird year to celebrate Festivus in any way, because the way I usually celebrate is to post some silly “grievances” about key/memorable events that happened during the year.

This year, however, has been no laughing matter at any scale. Millions of people have caught and died from a pandemic that continues to ravage the world’s health and economy, police brutality and social injustice were terrible, and there were devastating wildfires in Australia and California.

Along with the many people who have died due the pandemic were Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sean Connery, and Alex Trebeck–they all brought joy to the world in different ways, and now they’re gone.

I don’t know–it’s just a tough year for silly grievances. So perhaps I’ll just skip them this year and focus on feats of strength in the form of a few board games within my family bubble.

Happy Festivus, and hopefully 2021 will be more Festivus-friendly for us all!

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