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What Will Books of the Future Look Like?

See my thoughts and post your thoughts on my TypeTribe blog entry on the topic.

Bolt and TypeTribe

I just watched the video of Usain Bolt breaking the world record in the 100m dash, and it’s pretty incredible. He doesn’t embarrass the field like he did in the Olympics, mainly because the field is better here. His stride is just sick. It doesn’t make me want to race him any less. Obviously I’d […]

Effective Contests

Lately I’ve been spending about half of my brain power thinking of ways to promote TypeTribe. I want to take an unorthodox method of marketing the site–rather blast the vast internet with advertisements and promotions, I want to organically build a tribe of people who believe in the mission of the site and want to […]

Ideas from Last Night

Every once in a while I stumble upon a website that is so clever, so brilliant, and so perfectly designed–and yet so obvious–that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Today’s example of my shame is The first part of its brilliance is that you know right away from the URL exactly what […]

Should've Used TypeTribe

Should've Used TypeTribe

I’ve been encouraged by the early signups for the TypeTribe launch e-mail (sign up directly here–the 100th signup gets $25!), many of them motivated by an aggressive Twitter campaign I’ve been working on for a few days (see the bottom of the TypeTribe business page on this blog for more info on how I’m using […]

TypeTribe Pre-Launch Giveaway!

TypeTribe Pre-Launch Giveaway!

Last night I was up late doing what most Americans do on the night before Independence Day: I was creating a pre-site blog and signup page for my new company, TypeTribe. If you’ve been curious about what TypeTribe is, go to that page and be one of the first to know. Also, sign up on […]