Best of the Blog 2014

The Kitchen Sink
The Kitchen Sink

My personal blog has waxed and waned this year due to the increasing focus on my Stonemaier Games blog, but I still enjoy writing it, and I love to hear from readers in the comments.

Here are the “best of” stats for this blog in 2014, featuring only entries I posted this year (here’s last year’s for comparison):

Top 5 Most Viewed

  1. What Happens If You Tell Your Server: “Surprise Me!” (540 views)
  2. Confession #19: Yoga Pants and Objectifying Women (350 views)
  3. The Top 3 Questions to Determine Relationship Compatibility (301 views)
  4. The Official Haircut of the 2014 World Cup (283 views)
  5. St. Louis Isn’t Burning (200 views)

Do you have a favorite type of entry you’d like to see more of in 2015?

1 thought on “Best of the Blog 2014”

  1. My favorite blog categories, in this order:
    Ass Press
    Pet Please
    Greatest Fear
    Pet Peeve
    Overall personal category


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