To Shill or Not to Shill?

Recently I saw an article on ESPN about former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling. Apparently he’s considering running for senator from Massachusetts in a few years. His decision was considered somewhat controversial because he owned a video game company that received a $75 million loan guarantee to move to Rhode Island in 2010, only to go bankrupt … Read more

Would You Like a Monkey Companion?

About a month ago, I discovered a YouTube channel called Great Big Story. I’ve been entranced by it ever since. Every day, the channel posts about 2 short videos (usually 2-3 minutes of footage) telling an interesting story. It feels a little like a condensed Discovery Channel. I would have shared it a while ago, … Read more

What’s Your Favorite Type of Chili?

It’s autumn in the US, which means it’s chili cookoff season. Last weekend I attended the 2016 Belleville Chili Cook-Off. I’m not a chili connoisseur, but I like opportunities to try a lot of different things side by side, so I was excited to attend the event. My one big concern for events like this are … Read more