What Did You Think About Doctor Strange?

doctor-strangeI saw the new Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, this weekend, and I have to say: It’s one of the weirdest Marvel movies yet, but it’s also one of the best.

There’s a mystical, magical, spiritual, and psychadelic vibe to Doctor Strange. When I told some friends I was seeing it, I pitched it as “Inception meets Harry Potter.” That’s pretty close, though there’s also a kung-fu Matrix aspect to it that I really enjoyed.

If you’re curious about Doctor Strange, I would recommend that you stop reading and just go see it. The following are four unique elements of the move that I really enjoyed, and they contain minor spoilers:

  1. One thread woven throughout the movie is about hands. I really liked that. I’ve taken my hands for granted until now.
  2. There are several compelling female characters a movie with a male protagonist, but their role is not at all to be rescued or be held as bait for the protagonist.
  3. Not a single gun appears in the movie.
  4. It’s funny without being comical. There are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments.
  5. The ending of the movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen. A big problem is solved in a clever way at the same moment that a character’s development reaches its peak.

Also, as I do these days, I watched the movie trailer after I saw the movie so I wouldn’t spoil anything. Overall, the trailer does a pretty good job at not spoiling much, though it still shows things that happen in the final third of the movie, and it spoils one of the funniest moments.

What did you think about Doctor Strange? If your comment contains any information not shown on the movie poster, please preface it with “spoiler.”

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