Have You Tried Real Japanese Ramen?

img_574611 months ago, I discovered a portal to Japan in St. Louis called Robata. Robata serves delicious ramen, sushi, and other Japanese cuisine. It’s fantastic.

Well, I’ve discovered another portal: Midtown Sushi and Ramen.

I went there on a whim a few weeks ago after hearing that it was pretty good. The first thing I do whenever I eat ramen is sample the broth–that’s where the magic lives or dies.

I was blown away by the depth of the hakata ramen broth. I haven’t had a broth with that many layers since my time in Kyoto. I wanted to dunk my head in it–it’s that good.

I’ve also tried the kimchi ramen and the nagasaki ramen. All of them use the same broth base, but the kimchi flavor and the seafood flavor really take over, respectively. When I return, it will definitely be for the hakata ramen.

If you’re, in St. Louis and have ever wanted to try real Japanese ramen, I hope you give the hakata ramen a try, especially as the weather gets colder. It’s one of my top 5 ways to warm up in the winter. (The other 4 are graphically sexual.)