Off to See the Probst

The time has finally come. After watching nearly every one of the 37 seasons of Survivor, I’m off to LA to watch the season finale on Wednesday. I’m incredibly excited, and hopefully I’ll have some good stories to share when I return.

As usual, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by Survivor this season. Unfortunately, the primary person I was rooting for, Christian, was voted out last week. There are two remaining contenders who I think “deserve” to win, and of them, I would prefer for Davey to win instead of Nick.

However, I need to give Nick credit for a masterful series of moves involving a faking immunity idol last week.

It started with Nick making a fake immunity idol off camera. We weren’t aware of it until he returned from tribal council and was sitting on the raft with other tribe members. He reached below the raft, and much to his surprise, he “discovered” the fake idol, right in front of everyone.

His reason for doing this was to discourage anyone for looking for the idol (which is typically hidden by the Survivor crew after it’s used in tribal council).

It doesn’t end there, though. At the next tribal council, Nick played the fake idol, then walked back to his seat. He revealed that he knew it was a fake idol, but he wanted to gauge everyone’s reactions. I’ve never seen someone do that, and it would have been the perfect move…except he didn’t read their reactions well enough, and he ended up playing a real idol needlessly.

This is why Nick has my respect and support if he wins, even though I’d prefer for Davey to win. Who are you rooting for, and do you think they’ve played the best game?