Top Festivus Grievances of 2013: 21-30

Vamers-FIY-Ermahgerd-What-does-the-Fox-say-Ylvis-has-the-answer-Main-After we kicked off this year’s ranking yesterday, we’re back with 21-30. These were hand-selected by my friend Bryce.

Caution: There is some slightly adult language among these grievances–words like “penis” and “pee pee.” These are not Bryce’s words. Rather, these are the words of slightly drunk Festivus party attendees.

On to the grievances!

30. My penis is not on the internet.

29. Pee pee on public toilet seats. (someone added: Crap on public toilet seats.)

28. People who care about what the fox says. (someone added: “What does the fox say?”)

27. Some women don’t consider leggings to be pants.

26. Drug commercials featuring healthy people.

25. That manager who calls you 5 seconds after she e-mails you.

24. Brides who send out wedding invites with the restriction that your “plus 1” be approved before the big day.

23. The dude who originally decided to put an “insert” button on all keyboards.

22. That manager who sends you an e-mail that they want you to come to their office and it turns out to be nothing. I already started packing my desk!

21. Kickstarter ruins my budget! (Thanks, Stonemaier.)

You’re welcome!

3 thoughts on “Top Festivus Grievances of 2013: 21-30”

  1. Slightly drunk? SLIGHTLY drunk? Dude, you must have been pretty drunk to not notice how drunk we all were. I’m just glad those pictures got deleted….

    Two of those are mine. Booya! Made the 20’s….


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