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My First (and Only) Music Video

I posted a few weeks ago about a music video that the interns at my work filmed with all of us. They based the video nearly shot for shot off an exaggerated video of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song September. Check out that video here so you can truly appreciate how precise the interns were […]

Management Tactic #27: Earth, Wind, and Fire

In Japan, every morning millions of workers do something called rajio taiso before they start working. Rajio taiso is basically a series of stretches and movements to get your blood flowing and your muscles–including your mind–limber. It’s also 15 minutes of togetherness for hundreds of employees doing what is essentially a series of funny movements […]


Does anyone else watch TED talks? I’ve determined they’re the perfect form of entertainment during lunch when no one else is in the office. I feel smarter after watching them. TED is an organization that hosts conferences based on the premise that there are brilliant people out there with “ideas worth spreading” (no, I have […]

5 Things I'm Excited About Today

This screenshot/print screen software. It’s called ZScreen, and the feature I’m most excited about is that I can now click control-print screen and I can choose exactly what I want to copy on my computer screen. This guy’s online cover letter. It’s brilliant and friendly and you walk away simultaneously feeling like you know the […]

Condo Tour

Condo Tour

My condo in St. Louis went on the market today. Below are a few photos of this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-balcony masterpiece. Cat not included. If you’re interested in buying property in lovely St. Louis (baseball! Catholics! Gooey Butter Cake!), contact me by clicking the e-mail link on the right.                  […]

Cat Flips for the Flip

Thanks to an incredible deal on Woot! the other day, I have found myself the proud owner of the easiest-to-use video camera in the universe: the Flip Ultra. It’s so simple that it even has a built-in USB drive. So when you’re ready to upload the photos to your computer or YouTube, you just “flip” […]