Have You Ever Attended a Low Country Boil?

I love how various friends of mine host vastly different annual events. One friend hosts a Memorial Day BBQ every year. Another hosts a grilled-pizza gathering. For me, up until a few years go, I hosted a raucous Festivus party every December. Even though it’s a fairly new tradition, I’ve come to look forward to an … Read more

Is Generosity an Indicator of Success?

In a recent episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld asks Lorne Michaels (7:20), “How did you see in Jimmy Fallon that there was a talk-show host in him?” Michaels replies (I’m paraphrasing here), “He’s truly funny, and he’s incredibly talented, obviously, but he also is generous. I’ve been thinking about that line ever since … Read more


8 years ago, a friend told me that Deadwood was the best television show ever made. At the time, I was hooked on The Wire, and I couldn’t imagine any show being better. Also, the genre of Westerns isn’t something that’s ever excited me in any format (movies, TV, books, games, etc.), so despite my friend’s … Read more

Which Type of Show Are You Most Likely to Binge Watch?

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of “binge watching” for years now. I think it started becoming a thing when entire seasons (and series) of shows became available on DVD, and Netflix has taken it up a notch by releasing entire seasons of new shows all at once. I don’t think I’ve ever technically binge-watched … Read more