What’s Your Favorite Style of Pizza

I’m asking really hard-hitting questions this week, aren’t I? Sandwiches, silly dances, Netflix, pizza…what is this, The Atlantic Monthly?

In short, I ate pizza today–really good pizza–so it’s on my mind, especially since I resisted eating the leftovers for dinner. I don’t like to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner.

The pizza I tried was from Melo’s Pizzeria, a teensy little Neapolitan pizza place in St. Louis. I didn’t even know it existed until I Googled, “best Neapolitan pizza St. Louis,” and it popped up with a nearly perfect rating.

It’s deserving of the rating. It has that perfectly crispy Neapolitan crust, just the right amount of cheese, sweet tomato sauce, and crispy pepperoni. Delicious.

I’m pretty sure that Neapolitan is my favorite style of pizza. In fact, one of my lifelong dreams is to go to Naples and eat all the pizza.

But sometimes I crave New York style pizza instead. It’s the pizza we ate as a team at the end of each soccer season when I was young, and there’s a refined version of it in St. Louis at a place called Dewey’s. It’s a good pizza, really good. But I give the edge to Neapolitan.

What’s your favorite style of pizza?

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  1. Jeff Spenner says:

    This isn’t even a question. Without doubt, the best pizza is Chicago style deep dish, and of that Giordano’s reigns supreme.

  2. Mike Chipman says:

    lots of meat, medium thickness crust – rest is inconsequential

    Is that a style?

  3. foodcravejas says:

    That pizza looks so good! It looks better than Dewey’s. I would totally eat it for lunch and dinner. Mmmm… pizza.

    Oh, and I also prefer this style of pizza. Deep dish is too heavy and I can’t have seconds or try a different pizza after the first slice.

  4. Arsh says:

    New York style! Neapolitan is a close second. Chicago makes a fine casserole, but it isn’t pizza. St. Louis has some bizarre take on Italian-style nachos that are terrible. I’m interested in trying Detroit-style, though.

  5. Brent G says:

    Jeff gets it, Giordanos FTW! It cured me of depression once, has any other pizza done that? BTW Jamey, there is one in Indianapolis for you to try if you make it back to Gen Con. Otherwise, they ship prebaked frozen pizzas nationwide!

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Brent: I just realized that I ate there when I was in Indy for Gen Con last year! While deep dish isn’t my preference, it was very good.

  6. Jeff Spenner says:

    Jamey, I’ve been thinking about getting a frozen Giordano’s shipped. Maybe I’ll have to bring one to game night sometime…

  7. Sean says:

    While I can appreciate a deep dish pie every once in a while, I had the opportunity to travel in Europe when I was young. I always loved their pizzas. Neapolitan was the way everywhere cooked it. From Spain to Denmark if you ordered pizza it was Neapolitan. Just a few fresh toppings, really thin crust, and wood fired. This and schnitzel were my favorite dishes to have when we were out.

    For whatever reason, be it the seasoning, the sauce, or the way they do the dough, I haven’t had as good of pizza here in the US even if it was Neapolitan, as I did at most places in Europe. It may just be memories associated with it and nothing will ever live up to it, but I hope to go back one day and test the theory.

  8. Richard Fuss says:

    Chicago tavern-style thin crust pizza. Deep dish is for tourists.

  9. Alex Schmidt says:

    Personally I’m a sucker for Dewey’s. Hands down the best crust I’ve ever had and their buffalo chicken pizza (with spinach instead of celery) is my favorite pizza.

    Then again, I might be a bit biased as working as a server at Dewey’s is my day job…

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Alex: Dewey’s is indeed fantastic (it’s awesome that you work there!) I usually get either the special of the month, the Green Lantern, or the X-pepperoni. My favorite is the taco pizza.

  10. Philip Redhead says:

    My favorite pizza is exactly the same as yours – except here is Australia it would be called Pepperoni. I has one 2 days ago. When the pepperoni is good quality, it just makes the whole pizza fantastic. Mmmmmm, I’m suddenly feeling hungry…

  11. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:


    For me, it’s a New York-style thin-crust garlic chicken spinaci…chicken, garlic, spinach enrobed in a delicious white cheese.


  12. Vindeux says:

    I really prefer the Napolitan style.
    I don’t say it because i have several Italian Friends :p

    You really need to go to Napoli ! =) Not only for the pizza, you need to taste their Arancini and others little fried dish. I can send you the Top 10 Pizzeria by my Napolitan Friend if you go to Napoli a day =).

    However, i was not convinced by a new speciality in Napoli : Pizza Fritta … a sort of Calzone deep fried xD a little to heavy for me

    And Florence is excellent to taste Italian Food =)

    And incidentally, these City are beautiful to visit ^_^’

  13. Emma says:

    I agree that Neopolitan is the best, and I’ve been meaning to try Melo’s! My second favorite is Pi Pizza’s deep dish, it’s deepness is mostly a chunky tomato sauce that tastes super fresh, not overloading of bread/cheese, so it isn’t too filling, just filling enough. Their thinner crust is good, too. I just love everything they make, even their salads and cocktails are outstanding. Dewey’s is solid, too.

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