What’s Your Favorite Style of Pizza

I’m asking really hard-hitting questions this week, aren’t I? Sandwiches, silly dances, Netflix, pizza…what is this, The Atlantic Monthly?

In short, I ate pizza today–really good pizza–so it’s on my mind, especially since I resisted eating the leftovers for dinner. I don’t like to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner.

The pizza I tried was from Melo’s Pizzeria, a teensy little Neapolitan pizza place in St. Louis. I didn’t even know it existed until I Googled, “best Neapolitan pizza St. Louis,” and it popped up with a nearly perfect rating.

It’s deserving of the rating. It has that perfectly crispy Neapolitan crust, just the right amount of cheese, sweet tomato sauce, and crispy pepperoni. Delicious.

I’m pretty sure that Neapolitan is my favorite style of pizza. In fact, one of my lifelong dreams is to go to Naples and eat all the pizza.

But sometimes I crave New York style pizza instead. It’s the pizza we ate as a team at the end of each soccer season when I was young, and there’s a refined version of it in St. Louis at a place called Dewey’s. It’s a good pizza, really good. But I give the edge to Neapolitan.

What’s your favorite style of pizza?