A Few Questions from “Family Trips”

Earlier this week I mentioned a new-to-me podcast I’m really enjoying, Family Trips. One thing I didn’t mention is that they end every episode with a series of quick-fire questions that I thought would be fun to ask (and answer): What’s your preferred vacation: relaxing, adventurous, or educational? What’s your preferred method of travel: car, … Read more

Have You Read “Fight Me”? (My Thoughts)

When Austin Grossman releases a new novel–particularly one that’s superhero themed–it’s an instant purchase for me. I enjoyed You and I loved Soon I Will Be Invincible, so I was really excited when I heard he had a new book, Fight Me. Fight Me is pitched as “The Avengers meets The Breakfast Club.” It’s about … Read more

Can You Handle the Heat?

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious here, but I’m very concerned about how hot the world becoming. We’ve known about global warning for a long time, and now we’re really starting to feel it. Movies have shown us a few different versions of this future. There’s Furiosa, which I watched recently from the comfort of an … Read more