What Is Your Chosen Scent?

8 years ago, I decided that my scent would be Old Spice Pure Sport. I don’t remember the exact moment I made this decision, but it was absolutely a decision I made. I wanted to choose my scent based on something I liked and something I thought others might like too. So I bought Old … Read more

Have Your Tastes in TV Changed?

Recently I’ve noticed that my tastes in TV have started to change. Or maybe they’ve been changing for a while and I just haven’t realized it. I typically watch one show at lunch and 40-60 minutes of TV at dinner. The dinner slot is perfect for longer, scripted shows. Yet I find myself wanting to … Read more

What Was Your Prom Experience?

This weekend, seniors around the US will attend prom. At least, I think it’s this weekend. Or roughly around this time. I don’t keep up with high schoolers. While my actual prom was pretty much forgettable–definitely not the epic nights depicted in movies–there was some drama and teenage angst leading up to it. As I … Read more

Have You Ever Weighed Yourself Soaking Wet?

I think it was while I was watching a rerun of The Office recently when one of the characters (Angela) mentioned that she was 95 pounds soaking wet. You’ve probably heard that expression before. He/she is X pounds “soaking wet.” I’m sure I’ve said it. But who in the world is actually weighing themselves soaking … Read more

Jury Duty Report: Day 1 of X

Obviously I can’t disclose the details of the case I was involved with today, but some interesting/amusing things happened that I thought I’d share, as well as a question. Midway through the morning, my number was called. I joined about 50 other potential jurors, and we were ushered around until we ended up in a … Read more

What’s Your Jury Duty Story?

10 hours from now I’ll begin jury duty. This will be the fourth time in the last 7 years that I’ve been summoned to serve in St. Louis City, where I live. For me, it’s a dichotomous duty: I’m proud to perform my civic duty, but I’m also the only full-time employee at a company … Read more