What If All Politicians Were Always Under Oath?

I had a crazy thought the other day: What if all politicians were always under oath? I’m specifically talking about the United States, as other countries might have something like this in place. Here’s the idea: Starting with the moment a politician at the national level is sworn into office, they are considered to be … Read more

My Thoughts on Infinity War

I may get into spoilers at some point in this post, but I’ll make it VERY clear when I get to that part. Until then, you’re safe to read this. Long story short, I was super excited about the Infinity War movie, and it exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t seen it, and you’ve enjoyed … Read more

Would You Eat Crickets on Survivor?

A tradition on the TV show Survivor is to have one competition involving local “delicacies”–things like cow eyeballs, sea cucumber, and giant grubs. Most contestants grimace through these eating competitions, with only a few relishing the opportunity to get some precious protein in their bodies. I host a Survivor night every 2 weeks for a … Read more

Have You Eaten a Pizza Burger?

Last week I ate a burger with two glazed donuts as the buns, and it gave me an idea: What if I made a burger with two pieces of pizza as the buns? So I did (it was an idea that was ridiculously easy to execute). I bought a Totino’s frozen pizza, baked it, grilled … Read more

Would You Watch Netflix in the Theater?

As reported recently by Slashfilm, Netflix is considering buying some movie theaters. Their presumed motivation is to allow Netflix original movies to be eligible for awards season honors. At first when I read this, I was ambivalent. As much as I love movies (Infinity War this weekend!!!), I don’t care about awards. Plus, why would … Read more

Have You Ever Tried Acupuncture?

I try to go to the doctor once a year for a checkup. Currently I’m a few months overdue, but I have a reason: I’m waiting until I have enough ailments to justify an appointment. I figure that 10 ailments is the right number, and I’m currently at 6 (knee, cold fingers, neck, cholesterol, migraines, … Read more