Try It Before You Buy It

I read a story on ESPN regarding an NFL player who I now really admire. Before I get to that, let me back up to my college years. At some point in college, I decided that what I wanted to do after college was own a restaurant. I didn’t have many reasons for doing so–I … Read more

The Top 3 Questions to Determine Relationship Compatibility

Yesterday on the esteemed Sarah Meets World blog, Sarah mentioned a really interesting tidbit she learned from a number cruncher at the online dating site OkCupid. Apparently the data shows that if two people answer the following 3 questions the same way (doesn’t matter if they answer yes or no), they areĀ 8 timesĀ more likely to … Read more

The Timberlake Surprise

While that subject line might sound like an obscure sexual position, it’s actually a reference to a recent phenomenon I’ve noticed. Perhaps it’s not even that recent. It all started about 2 weeks ago when I was reading the blog of an alumnus of my high school who had her own show on MTV for … Read more

Biddy’s Big Day

Today is Biddy’s birthday! My cat, Biddy, turned 7 today. I adopted the little guy way back in 2007–that’s him on the left as a kitten. I joke about cats and mention my adoration for them quite a bit on this blog, but if you had met me 8 years ago, I was completely ambivalent … Read more

How to Skype with Your Great-Great-Great Grandfather

Okay, this is creepy. Creative, but creepy. Springwise alerted me to a startup that will let people talk with their dead relatives and loved ones. This isn’t some sort of magic, nor is it quite what it seems. compiles information about the recently deceased–social media, text messages, e-mails, etc–to recreate a person’s personality after … Read more

The Hug

This is a small story that made me laugh at myself. It’s okay if you do too. Yesterday I had my friends Ariel, Katy, and Adam over to playtest Tuscany. After the first game, Katy had to go, so she got up and went to the kitchen to fill up her water bottle. Adam needed … Read more

Where the Wild Cats Are

Disclaimer: This is a blog entry about my cats. Yep. 99% of the time, Biddy and Walter act like domesticated cats. They sleep on cushions, pillows, and laundry. They daintily slurp water out of a brownie pan (note to self: That’s where the brownie pan is that you were looking for the other day). They … Read more

A Toast to Hibernation

I love it when scientists look to the natural world to inspire things that can make life better for humans. Medicine and industrial design are the fields most impacted by this. Today I read a fascinating article about grizzly bears. Here’s the thing about bears–and yes, we learned this in school, but I don’t think … Read more