How I Aged 8 Years in 1 Day

I have a confession to make. The header I’ve been using on this blog has been outdated for quite some time. Not the header you might see now (we’ll get to that in a second), but the header that was there until today. I’m no longer the young, strong, virile man I was when that … Read more

Which Airplane Seat Do You Prefer?

I’m a middle-seat guy. Apparently that’s a rare preference–so much so that airline experts are actively discussing ideas of how to encourage people to choose the middle seat. As this Fast Company article noted, “[The middle seat is] inherently less comfortable, and a third of people on a plane will be stuck with it.” When I … Read more

The Skinny Mirror

There was a really interesting product pitched on Shark Tank this past week that made me wonder if the sharks had it all wrong. I’m curious about what you think. The product is called the Skinny Mirror, designed by Belinda Jasmin. It’s worth reading the story behind the mirror. In short, Belinda lives a healthy, … Read more

The Joy of Food Delivered to My Mouth

Recently, a company called Postmates established itself in St. Louis. Like every other startup these day, it can be explained using the phrase, “Uber for ____.” Postmates is Uber for restaurant food. The service is really simple. You select a restaurant on the Postmates app and choose the food that you want to order. In … Read more

There Are Two Types of People in the World…

I believe that there are two types of people in the world: Those who love having their back scratched, and those who love getting back massages. Of course, there’s plenty of middle ground. I’m guessing that most people would be fine with either of those, unless they really don’t like being touched. But I think most of … Read more