Your Favorite Speakers

I’ve been asked to participate on a panel about crowdfunding and Kickstarter next Tuesday in front of about 200 people. I’ve been on a few of these panels in the past year, and for each one I’ve tried to work in some new skills that I’ve observed from my favorite speakers (usually TED talks): ask … Read more

Cabbages Are Trending

After studying abroad in Japan from 2000-2001, I realized there was a common internet fallacy: Most of the Japanese “trends” we hear about actually aren’t trends, but rather a few people doing something weird or interesting that happens to be caught on camera. The refreshing part of this realization is that there are weird people everywhere. In … Read more

When Pigs Get Personal

Given that my career is so closely tied to crowdfunding, I back a lot of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Sometimes I back for $1 to study them, but usually if I pledge my support to a project, it’s because I want the thing they’re trying to create. Today I made an exception. Every now and … Read more

The Address Search Mishap

I have a problem and a solution. Have you ever wanted to send someone a message with a friend or colleague’s e-mail address in the body text, and you typed that person’s name into the To or CC section of the e-mail before copying and pasting their contact info into the message? And then you … Read more